Introduction: Homemade Waffles (and How to Freeze Them)

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There are two very important breakfast questions to be asked here.

1: Do you like waffles?

This, of course, has been answered already by Perry Gripp: Yes, we like waffles. (Do-do-do-do Can't wait to get a mouthful!)

2: What if you never have time to make waffles?

This is the question that I strive to answer for you today.

Oh, and for those of you that are expecting tastes-similar-but-not-quite-because-its-homemade Eggo Waffles, you have come to the wrong place. Today we are making the (far superior) wonuts. That is, waffles+donuts combined into pillowy donughty amazingness.

Of course, if you want to make Eggos you can make Eggos but I assure you that once you have had wonuts you will never turn back.


A waffle iron

Bags to freeze in

A bowl of water (or a real vacuum sealer if you are lucky enough to have one.)

I used this recipe from thesassylife because the wonuts produced are almost beyond improvement.

Step 1: 4 Bowls of Ingredients

Put the dry ingredients in one bowl.

Melt the butter in another.

Mix the eggs like you're making scrambled eggs in the third bowl.

Milk goes in a pyrex because use proper liquid measures people

(If you have a different recipe you want to use, just measure that out.)

Step 2: Mix It All Up...

Get a bowl out, dump your ingredients in, and stir. Remember, this is a dough rather than a batter so it tends to be quite thick, although you can add more milk if you prefer a looser consistency.

Step 3: Cook the Waffles!

Cook as you normally would in whatever wafflemaker you have(put on cooling rack till cool before freezing). It takes awhile to cook and cool AAAALLLLL the wonuts (I ended up with around 20 wonuts) so find something to do while you wait. Read a book, watch TV, read my other instructable ;) and don't freeze until the wonuts are cool.

Step 4: Vacuum Seal!

If you are fancy, or you have a larger budget for kitchen gadgets than I do, and you own a real vacuum sealer use that because it is the best method.

For everyone else, how to vacuum seal waffles!

There is a hack circulating around on the internet in which you vacuum seal with a straw by inhaling all the air out of the bag with your mouth. DON'T DO THAT!!!!! I was reading a recipe for hot chocolate mix in which the author was vacuum sealing bags WITH HER MOUTH and that is so gross for many reasons primarily because IT IS A PANDEMIC RIGHT NOW PEOPLE. Guess what she did with the sealed bags of mix? GAVE THEM OUT TO HER NEIGHBORS. DURING A PANDEMIC. WITH HER MOUTH GERMS ALLLL OVER THE HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! As you can see by my excessive use of exclamation marks, I find this horrifying. Not that I am a germaphobe or anything, but nobody likes people breathing on their food incessantly, especially during a breath-spread COVID pandemic.

So please, use a real vacuum sealer or do it the food safe, not gross, civilized way:

Simply fill a bowl of water and push the bag with the waffles in it, keeping everything but the top of the bag underwater, and close the bag. See? Wasn't that easy? And you have done it without killing your lungs (like, who has the lung capacity for that anyway?) OR YOUR WAFFLE-LOVING NEIGHBORS.

Thank you.

Step 5: Freeze (and Toast)

Place in freezer until the wonuts feel cold and rock-like. I have no idea about exact timing but I believe in your ability to tell when things are frozen.

Toast like you normally would toaster waffles.(my toaster has a defrost setting but you can also microwave for a bit if they come out cold on the inside.

Thanks for reading my instructable! Comment if you have any questions.