Introduction: Homemade Wasp and Fly Repellant

Do yo have a constant fly or wasp problem? Are you tired of paying for the use of expensive chemicals to keep the insects away? Are you annoyed by flies buzzing around your head while you are trying to enjoy nature? Search no more because if you take the time to make this small contraption it will solve your wasp and fly problem. All it takes is a few materials that are simple to find around the house. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Consider Your Fly and Wasp Problem

Consider the extent of your fly or wasp problem. Is it a large problem or a minimal problem? If you feel that the wasp or fly problem is too big to tackle then be inclined to call a professional. Although this contraption works efficiency, there is no shame in calling a professional for large problems. Best not to used when dealing with locusts.

Step 2: Gather the Materials

You will need-

1 Baggie

1 rope, medium size

A few pennies

Access to water

Step 3: Add Water to the Baggie

Add water to the baggie so that the baggie is less than halfway full.

Step 4: Put Pennies in the Baggie Filled With Water

Drop the pennies in the baggie. This step is critical because without the pennies the contraption will not work. A few rocks can substitute the pennies if there are no pennies around.

Step 5: Seal the Baggie

Seal the baggie. Do the best you can to get all the remaining air out of the baggie. Getting the air out will make it easier to tie up.

Step 6: Tie Rope to Baggie With the Rope

Grab the baggie and twist it a few times. After, take the rope and loop it around the baggie. Tie the rope around the baggie with a square knot or any other form of knot that works.

Step 7: Consider the Weather

This contraption will not be effective in the rain or snow. Consider that high winds will also affect the contraption. Consider that it may blow over in high winds.

Step 8: Knock Down Current Wasp Nests

It may be necessary to knock down any current wasp nests.

Step 9: Hang Up the Contraption

In order to hang up the contraption tie the attached rope around a small tree or branch. It could also be hung up on a roof, patio, or truss. It is not important as to how you hang up the contraption only that you hang it up in the center of the fly or wasp problem.

Step 10: Enjoy Nature Without Flies or Wasps

Now you can enjoy the barbecue without the flies getting in the food or wasps getting in the lemonade. And you did so without using any harmful chemicals!