Introduction: Homemade Diffuser for a Hookah

A diffuser i made for my small hookah. I use it on my Mya Petite.

Step 1: The Tools Needed

You need a marker, a small nail, and any sort of cutting device (I used pipe cutters).

Step 2:

Cut the marker in half using your cutting tool.

Step 3:

Once it's cut in half you need to remove the ink sponge.

Step 4:

Wash out the piece you'll be using.

Step 5:

Heat up your nail. I used pliers to hold the nail because it will get hot.

Step 6:

Use the hot nail to poke holes in the piece.

Step 7:

Keep poking hole until you feel there's enough.

Step 8:

Sand it off to remove the roughness.

Step 9:

Give it one more rinse and it's good to use!

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