Introduction: Homemade for a Grinder From a Piece of Pipe and Two Bolts

Simple, but at the same time functional homemade product for a grinder. With this device, you can strip a huge number of metal pipes in a short period of time.

Step 1: As a Basis, I Took a Piece of Pipe at 108 Mm.

Step 2: Do the Markup.

Step 3: Cut Off on a Marked Line. This Kind of Blank Is Obtained at This Stage.

Step 4: Now We Take a Profile Pipe 20 * 20 and Cut Off 150 Mm.

Step 5: From a Piece of Metal Strip We Measure Twice 150 Mm Each.

Step 6: Cut and Get the Workpiece.

Step 7: We Make Holes in the Plates, Then the Marking for the Slot.

Step 8: That's How It Turned Out.

Step 9: We Turn on the Welding Machine and Weld a Section of the Profile Pipe to the Main Part.

Step 10: On Each Side of the Pipe We Weld the Plates, It Can Be Painted for Aesthetics.

Step 11: Clamp Our Homemade Product in a Vice, Fix the Grinder With Bolts. As You Understand, the Height Is Adjustable for Different Pipe Diameters.

Step 12: We Connect

We connect the grinder through the speed control. Watch a short video. Anyone who has cleaned the pipe at least once will definitely appreciate the usefulness and effectiveness of this homemade product.

Step 13: Done

Of course, if you need to clean a meter of the pipe, then you can do it in a vice, but if the volume is large, then this homemade product is very useful.

Step 14: Video Version

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