Introduction: Homestuck Troll Horn Attatchment

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Hey everyone. SO sorry about being so late to upload this tutorial. I actually kinda forgot about it... then when I finally remembered, I got really busy with my community theatre production. Sincere apologies to my followers who were anticipating this tutorial. Anyway. On with the show.


Step 1: Things You Will Need

Attaching the horns is A LOT simpler than actually making them, and only requires four to five materials.

1( Drill: Unless you are a superhuman, or just really skilled, you are going to need a drill to put the screw in.

2( Screws: The screws put the horn on the headband. Duh.

3( Screw holders [OPTIONAL]: I did not use them in this tutorial, however, they can be a very good way to add a professional touch in the process by adding support. I don't think its essential though. Wwhatevver.

4( Headband: Its what puts the horns on the head. If you have super light horns (Karkat, Terezi, Sollux, Nepeta), a thin, yet wide headband is perfect. For medium horns (Kanaya, Vriska, Feferi, Equius), a sturdier, yet wide headband is excellent. For borderline weighted horns (Eridan, Gamzee, Calliope), a very sturdy, thinnish band should do fine. For all you Tavros/Aradia fans out there, I'm sorry, but those horns are too bulky for this process. I learned from experience.

5( Your Horns! What else? [I lost my Terezi horn from my last tutorial, so I whipped up a ten minute Karkat base.]

Step 2: Measure

To know exactly where the horns go, you should measure and mark on the headband. Look up a picture of the character if you need a reference. Make sure and mark underneath as well.

[WARNING: ALWAYS PUT THE HEADBAND ON YOUR HEAD, OR USE A MODEL!!! If you do it free hand, the measurements might get out of place, because the headband will most likely stretch on your head.]

Step 3: Drillin' Time!

Time to drill the screw into the headband. This can be super tough. If needed, pound the screw in with a hammer to start a hole, or use a drilling bit. Make sure it is on super tight!

Step 4: Attach the Horn

If you are using a horn from my last tutorial, great! There should be a hole on the bottom from where the Popsicle stick was. Simply insert the screw and twist it on. If not, puncture the horn bottom with the screw, and use the drill to drill the screw into the horn.

Step 5: Show Off!

You did it! Now its time to wear your horn! Show off to friends, dress up for conventions, or simply disappoint your parents! (Kidding, of course.) Either way, It's time to show off your true Trollian style!

Thanks for being patient, and reading my tutorial. I appreciate all the feedback. Have fun with your new horns!

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