Introduction: Homestyle Potato Salad

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While this is a wonderful summer salad, if you love potato salad you know it's great all year round. In warmer days serve it chilled and in cooler days serve it warm. There's nothing like warm potato salad with a sprinkle of cheese. Try it! So here's the video tutorial for how I made this traditionally home style potato salad. I'd love and appreciate it if you subbed my YouTube channel and liked the video.

6 or 7 large potatoes (cooked and cooled)

3 hard boiled eggs

1 cup mayonnaise

1/2 pickle (I'm using homemade)

1 red onion

2 tbsp mustard

1 tsp onion and garlic powder

2 tsp dill weed

salt and pepper to taste

smoked paprika for garnish

Step 1: Potato Love

Peel the potatoes if you haven't done so already. Then dice in medium to large cuts. Add to a bowl.

Next, give your eggs a rough chop and add them to your potatoes.

Step 2: Dice Dice Dice

My Grandmother made us an amazing jar of homemade pickles which I just had to use. I finely chopped a half of pickle and added that to my salad. This is in place of relish. A little bit of that brine won't hurt either.

Next dice a red onion. I prefer a small dice to not offend anyone. Add this to your salad and toss.

Lastly, add mayonnaise, mustard, s + p, dill, garlic powder and onion powder.

Step 3: Done and Yum

Give your salad one last mix and finish with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

Serve chilled or heat when necessary. Enjoy.

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