Introduction: Paper Horse Mask

Sure you can buy a rubber horse mask from China, but maybe you don't have 4 weeks to wait for it to be shipped in by boat, or maybe you prefer to DIY. Here's how to make a quick horse mask using cheap, and common items. I used this for my Halloween Bojack Horseman costume, but this will also be great for a children's costume if you scale down the dimensions.

The mask ties on underneath the chin. The nostrils openings are both for style, and to allow you to see out from underneath the mask

Making this item took me roughly 3 hours to make and to design. I imagine that just following instructions, this should take about an hour and a half


  • 22"x28" Bristol board
  • 2 squares felt for mane
  • Contrasting paper for eyes and muzzle markings
  • String
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker or other items to draw and color features

  • Glue Gun (optional)

Step 1: Mark the Bristol Board

I used a 22"x28" piece of bristol board. Make sure you are marking the same side as the price sticker so you don't have to peel the sticker off. Follow the diagram. The green dashed lines indicate guidelines to help the rest of the marking. Blue dashed lines indicate fold lines. Dark blue lines indicate cut lines. The red dashed lines indicates where the ears will be attached. The yellow dot indicates a hole punch

Don't worry too much about nostril shape. You'll most likely need to adjust the shape of them later.

Save the indicated scraps for the ears.

Step 2: Add Mane and Features

You have the basic horse head shape made. Now to add features.

If you want a mane (and who doesn't?), lay the squares of felt down the centre of your horse mask. I needed one and a quarter squares to cover the length I needed. Staple down the centre of the squares of felt. Alternately, you can lay down a single line of hot glue straight down the centre of the mask and glue down the felt. Pull up both edges of the square of felt and gather the edges together. Staple the felt together. Try to staple the felt closer to the mask. If you look closely at the photo of the mane, you can see where I stapled the felt together. Use a pair of scissors to cut the felt into a fringe.

Eyes can be added easily afterwards, but this is the best time to cut out a white muzzle. Take a sheet of white paper, and trace over the muzzle. Add the diamond, and cut to shape. Don't glue it down yet.

You can add eyes, and draw on other features now if you choose.

Step 3: Shape the Mask

Now to shape the mask.

Pull together the edges of the muzzle, and then fold over the top of the muzzle as shown in the photos. Staple it closed. Your mask will now have a 3d shape. You may decide to also glue down the sides of the head over the neck. This will prevent the head from flaring out

Glue down the white muzzle piece over the staple.

Step 4: Add Finishing Touches

Round the corners of the jowl using scissors.

Cut out the ears and glue the to the mask where indicated in the first diagram.

Add eyes and draw on features if you haven't already.

You may want to adjust the nostrils. Larger holes help with seeing from under the mask.

Punch a hole at the yellow marks indicated in the first diagram. Thread the string through the punch marks and tie closed under your chin.


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