Introduction: Hot Empanadas With Chorizo, Olives & Mozzarella Cheese Recipe



1 portion pizza dough

300g chorizo sausages

200g mozzarella cheese

150g olives

100g tomatoe paste

100g jalapeno slices

Step 1: The Filling

Cut the chorizo, the olives & the jalapeno slices in pieces. Fry the chorizo pieces in a hot pan with a bit oil and stir a few minutes. Add olives, jalapeno pieces and tomato paste and stir again. Add 1 can kidney beans. Scatter salt and pepper to it, turn down the heat and add mozzarella cheese. Mix everything together.

Step 2: Preparation

Roll out the dough and prick out round pieces with a glasbowl or similar. Place the dough on baking paper and the filling on the dough. Wrap the dough around the filling and close the ends with a fork. Make a few holes in it with a fork on the top and make a few more like this.

Step 3: Finish

Put them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees celsius circulating air and enjoy, Look at my other work.

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