Introduction: Hot Glue Rocket Step 0: Paper

Grab your desired amount of paper to make the body of the rocket

Step 1: The Body

Make your paper into the shape you want of the body and tape it around a few times. You can repeat this step to make your rocket bigger.

Step 2: Reinforement

Coat the hole body of the rocket in hot glue to make it better reinforced

Step 3: Closing the Top

Plug up the hole at the top with super glue to make it more solid to put the tip on.

Step 4: Fins

Trace the shape of the fin you want on paper and fill in the traced area with hot glue.

Step 5: Fins and Body

Hot glue the fins to the body

Step 6: Tip

Make a desiered tip for your rocket the hot glue it to the top of your rocket and bam your done!

Step 7: