Introduction: Hot Glue Stamp

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Over the summer I made a few stamps for our backyard wedding. Each time I used old erasers and found it pretty difficult when I wanted to make any curved letters.

Here's an easier way when you have something to cast.


  • Something to Cast - in this case an instructables pin!!
  • Hot Glue - mini glue gun
  • Ink - ink pads
  • Cutting Tool - mini utility knife

Step 1: Apply Glue

Solid Base. Here I was able to push the pin into an old pill bottle. It made for an easy base. It would be just as easy to use a few pieces of cardboard or hot glue under the pin.

Applying Glue. Be sure to apply a steady, continuous surface. Any edges that cool will show up in your finished stamp. Move back and forth the full length and be sure to have an extra glue stick handy.

Run Off. Allow the glue to run over the edges... not a problem. Trim in the next step.

Step 2: Edge Trim

Trimming. Easy to use a small utility knife to trim the edges.

One of my first tools... think I was given this mini utility knife at 8 or 9.

Step 3: Separating

Releasing from Mold. Yes, it would be easier with some release agent. Due to the small details I didn't want to add any oil. It only takes a moment to work a finger behind the glue and didn't cause any damage.

Backer. Here I added a dab of clue and attached one of the pin backers. Also easy would be to use 1/2" of the hot glue stick.

Step 4: Thanks!

Stamping. Glue isn't the perfect stamp material. Unlike rubber it's not porous. This means there tends to be some pooling of the ink. This cast is also a relief that applies ink on the background and not the detail. Not the best example but wanted to use the Instructables stamp.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoy this instructable and may have a few items to try casting/stamping!

Cheers, Jeff

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