Introduction: Hot Rock Steak at Home

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Ok so this is my very first instructable. A few years ago I sat in a very fancy restaurant and ordered hot rock steak. It was lovely but expensive! When it came out on the rock I asked the waiter "what kind of rock is this?" He said "some sort of lava rock"

So being a show designer, where its my job to make stuff, I thought hmmmmm lava rock , why isn't granite a lava rock? And so begins our saga!

Step 1: What You Need

1.squares of polished granite.

I went to my local headstone guy and he gave me an off-cut of polished black granite for free. Irish people are nice like that! I then cut it into 4 pieces each about 2inches thick and the width of my hand (4.5 inch) with 1 polished side where the steak will be cooked.

To cut the granite. Cut a line in the stone with an angle grinder with a stone cutting disc
Then with a coal chisel and hammer crack the stone on the cut line. This will break the rock in straight lines.

2. Roasting dishes big enough to take a rock and able to handle heat.

3. Tin Foil (aluminium foil)

4. Gas cooker ring or any oven

5. Metal utensils to lift the rock

6. Place matts

7. Steak

Step 2: Heat the Rocks

Place your rocks shiny side up either on your gas rings (One on each ring) or in the oven. If on the ring heat them on full for about 35 to 40 mins. Or in the oven on full for an hour or more.

Step 3: Prepare the Dishes

While the rocks are heating up. Tear the foil and role it up into a long sausage.

Then bend it into a circle and place it in the dish.

This is what the rock will sit on.

Step 4: Check the Rocks Are Hot Enough

As a rule its better to heat the rocks too long than not long enough.

To test how hot they are you can drop a drop of water on them and see if it sizzles off and how fast.

Once hot enough the rock should retain its heat and be able to cook steak for up to 45mins or more.

Step 5: Prepare Steak

Have your steak ready to go. I usually coat it in a little olive oil.

Step 6: Remove Rocks From Heat

WARNING these rocks are now very hot and will burn you. They are also heavy and hard to remove.

I usually use a metal potato masher and a metal tongs to lift the rocks. I rest the rock on the masher and hold it with the tongs.

Make sure the dishes are close to the cooker.

Lift the rocks and place them on the foil ring in the dish.

If in the oven remove them carefully wear oven gloves but don't trust that you can handle the rocks even with the gloves. It may be too much for even the gloves.

Step 7: Place Steak on Rocks

Place the steak on the rock and watch it fry!

If its very thick you can cut it into slices and fry it as you eat it ;-)

Add your fries mushroom etc on the side.

Season to taste with pepper, salt, garlic etc

Step 8: Bring It to the Table

Obvious I know but it's worth mentioning. Use gloves when carrying the dish as it heats up from the rock. Also use a good placemat or wooden board etc don't melt your tablecloth or burn yourself!

Enjoy amazing steak cooked in front of your very eyes! Great for wow factor dinners like first dates or parties!

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