Introduction: Hotwheel Rubber-Racer!

this is an entry for the klutz rubber band contest.

with a simple rubber band, tape, hangers, and a hotwheel car, you can put motion into the hotwheels that are lying around the house.

please look at all of the pics i have included in this instructable if you don't understand my written explanation.

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Step 1: The Materials

-hotwheel or matchbox car
-METAL hanger
-Rubber band!

Step 2: Choosing the Cars

the cars that you want to choose is a car with mediumish height. in other words, don't use the lowest car you got.

Step 3: Making the Launcher

the pic will tell you the measurements and how the finished product will look like

**the hooks cannot close up because rubber band is supposed to be fitted in those hooks.

Step 4: Now to Prepare the Car

take another piece of hanger about 7 cm and bend it 1 cm so it makes a hook.
attach it to your car with some tape make sure that the hook doesn't touch the ground.

Step 5: To Launch This Thing

so now you add the rubber band to the hooks and close them up.

now hook the hook that's on the car on to the rubber then hold the launcher in an angle and make sure that the rubber band hooks are touching the floor.

pull it back and let it go
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