Introduction: House Shaped Bed (twin)

House shaped twin bed for kids

Mattress size 90x200cm

Made from 21mm plywood (6mm and 18mm plywood for drawers)

Step 1: Material List

  • 6 sheets of 21mm plywood
  • 2 sheets of 6mm plywood
  • some leftovers of 18mm plywood
  • drawer slides
  • dowels
  • screws
  • glue
  • paint

Dimensions can be found at attached sketchup file (was sketched for 18mm plywood, but actually was made of 21mm plywood)

Step 2: Cutting

Cut plywood sheets to size using circular saw

Holes for drawers were cut using jigsaw, then cuts smoothed on router

Step 3: Connections

Almost all parts are connected using dowels and glue to avoid visible screws

Used also screws where they are not visible

Step 4: Frame

Boards for frame are made gluing 4 pieces of plywood together

Everything connected together on dowels/ glue and screws

Step 5: Safety Guards

Approximate cuts for holes were cut using jigsaw, then finished with router/ template

Step 6: Drawers

Drawers made of 18mm plywood (bottom from 6mm plywood)

Fronts are made from 21mm plywood, handles are routed

Step 7: Assembling

Final assembly - parts are glued/ screwed together

I tied it do it so, that there is no any visible screw, but it is still possible to break bed apart if needed

Then painting - I guess hardest part :)

Step 8: Finished


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