Introduction: House With Robotic Legs (scene)



For this project you will need:

- Foam-core

- Scrap wood

- A hot glue gun

- A exact-o knife

- Acrylic paint

- spray paint (optional)

Step 1: Plan Out Your Design in Tinkercad

Figure out the measurements of the house you want in tinkercad.

Then design the robotic legs for that house.

Step 2: Use the Measurements From Tinkercad to Cut the Foamcore

Cut the foamcore, then glue the first level together with your hot glue. (Dont forget to paint the foamcore black were you want to put the bricks.)

Step 3: Take Strips of Your Foamcore and Cut Them Into Little Brick Shapes

Make sure to make enough to fill your walls.

Step 4: Paint Those Foam Bricks With Grey Acrylic Paint

Step 5: Drybrush the Bricks With a Lighter Shade of Grey

Step 6: Attach Bricks and Pillars Onto the Foamcore

Take the bricks you made and glue them onto the board. Use your wood to make the pillars on all sides.

Step 7: Create the Second Level of the House

Step 8: Make the Roof

Cut the wood into shingle shapes and glue them onto boards. Paint them with acrylic wash, then attach them to the roof like shingles.

Step 9: Divide the Legs Into Pieces and Print Them

Step 10: Glue the Pieces Together

Step 11: Spray Paint the Legs Chrome

Step 12: Glue the House on Top And... Voila!

Tinkercad Student Design Contest

Runner Up in the
Tinkercad Student Design Contest