Introduction: Household Items DIY Bracelet Display

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We all have a small/large pile of unused things lying around our house. Thinking they might be useful one day, makes us keep them and not toss them away... So now we can go scavange some junk that might become a treasure - In this case, a jewelry display. Best thing is - you can't predict the result and it'll sure to be unique!

Step 1: Gather the Unused Around Your House

First... I looked for all the stuff we keep "just in case" because "it'll one day be useful"...
Basically, you should look for 3 things -
1) a Base - that'll be steady
2) a set of Hooks- whether they are separate or come in a row or a circle (mine came in a circle).
Keep in mind the length of the pole should be an enough for whatever it's meant to display.

3) and the intermediate - a pole/stick/long phallic object.

I got these three-
An unused memo paper holder, an empty sticky roller (originally for cat hair), and an oldddd measuring cup set hooks my mom kept for some reason. Also, I added a nice looking surface above to decorate (originally a coaster).

4) And the glue types- Plastic (white) glue, Contact glue, Hot gun glue.

Extra - 5) a decoration
6) a heavy object that fits into your base.
7) For coloring: Spray paint, Breathing mask, apron, gloves, painting surface, Painters' glue.

Step 2: Glue! Glue Everthing!!!

Now punch a hole in your base object, fitting your pole so that it's standing steady, and start glueing everything!!!!
I glued the pole to the base with two types of glue. In this case, it's about glueing plastic to paper, and they have only several points of contact, so it was tricky. I started with plastic white glue, and it set the pole in the right position but it was not steady. Then I strengthened it with Contact glue, which worked great. I don't know if the plastic glue is necessary, maybe its interaction with the contact glue worked well - because it's very strong now.

Step 3: More GLUE~~~*

Now that the base and pole are set, you're left to decide how to organize your hook display....
In my case it was pretty simple - the round hook set should go on top.

For this, I used simple and good hot gun glue - beware not to drip on yourself like I did.

Step 4: Decoration *~*

For this, I grabbed a flat coaster that was lying around, because I sew the top part was flat and not very appealing. PLUS, now I can display a ring or something at the top. So I draw pretty doodles and GLUED it with hot glue! *Pay attention to the center of the object.*

Step 5: Heavy Duty

If you feel like your art piece is not steady enough for holding jewelry, you can insert something heavy. If you can't insert a stone like I did- You can also find a flat object and glue the entire display on top of it. Making it act as a weight either way.
I use a stone and added a square cardboard bottom cover, just to close the bottom. Again, gluing the paper with contact glue, and the stone with hot glue.

Step 6: Pretty Colors....

Now It's all set! You just have to groove & paint it up.... I chose teal color for mine, as it's part of my brands' color palette (Nefertiti Batkol Jewelry Design ;)
Don't forget a mask to prevent you from breathing this toxic thing (I always forget). And for the diligent, an apron, gloves and painting surface are recommended.

You can use Painters' tape to design where the pray will color your object.

and - TADA!!

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