Introduction: Housekeeping Robot Robert

These are the tools we are going to use later on our robot craft!

This is the multifunctional robot you would definitely need in your efficient and happy life!


Scissor, ruler, glue, tape, pencil, several pieces of cardboard(differet color)

Step 1: Blue Print

Scaling and drawing the blue print of the robot, remember to keep the same length and width of robot’s body for the purpose of folding and pasting later.

Step 2: Cut It Off and Prepare to Fold

Cut along the solid line of robot’s body, head and arms, read the instructions on the blue print and start to fold.

Step 3: Fold Up and Tape It Up

As for the body, fold along the dotted lines until you have four sides of the robot’s body in a ladder-like cube shape, and then use glue as an adhesive to the shaded part on the very ends of the rectangle to fully connect each sides.

As for arms, apply glue to each end of the strip shape paper, then attach No.1,2 and 3 together to form a spring function structure, repeat the same steps on the other side of the arm. Attach both arms to different side of robot’s body that does not have any lettering on it.

As for the head, fold along the dotted line as with the body, use glue and tape to stick the four sides together as a pyramid shape. You can draw, cut and attach a funny robot face as you like.

Step 4: You're Finished - Here Is Robot Robert

Stick all of the parts together, then the housekeeping robot is yours! The spring structure arms allow him to be capable of doing lots of heavy work simultaneously. The long stripe like shape of his mouth is for commands/notes reception. Sometimes, people miss the old way to communicate and the robot would let you transfer to either way easily!