Introduction: How I Draw Characters

Drawing characters is one of, in my opinion, the most fun things to do. You can make anything for anyone anytime. The example I have is digital, but it is just as fun to draw on paper, if not more. You just need to have the idea so that you can sit down and work.


-Paper/device with drawing app
-Liner pens (optional)
-Coloring stuff (optional)

Step 1: Draw Roughdraft

Start with a simple figure. The head is a circle, vertical line, two horizontal lines, then draw the chin. This is different for each person, as the realism of an artist’s style is always different. Just draw a chin length that looks right to you, no one else will judge you for that. The body is harder because you need to have an idea of what the body will look like. The chest is a rounded rectangle, a line down to the pelvis area, which I draw like underwear. I know that is weird, but it makes sense to me. The arms are just lines showing where they go, a circle at the end to draw a hand, then make the arms as thick as you want. Legs are the same. Then add details such as a face, hair, clothes, etc. Now you have a rough draft!

Step 2: Make It Permanent

This step is simple. Take your pen, trace what you want to keep (not the framework), and when your done, erase the pencil. What for the pen to dry, or your art will be smudged.

Step 3: Color!!!

This step I only do with digital art, just because I like the look better. Choose colors that make sense together, like green and blue, then add a little contrast, like orange.

Step 4: Shading

I know a lot of people will say don’t shade with black, which I don’t, but I make the color darker. The eyes, though, I shade with a light pink. For the rest, make the color a bit darker so that it isn’t black, but you can see the shading. Just shade what would be darker!

Step 5: Done

There you go, you arted! Go show people. I included more art I have done.