Introduction: A Full Scale Iron Throne Replica Out of Cardboard and (un)used Chair

About: Interested in creating art from things around me.

Making a full scale replica of Iron throne was a fun, personal project of mine. I referred a DIY video in YouTube (links provided in the credits section) which was really helpful.

I tweaked the process according to my requirement. The process is shown in the video. I’m sure there are better methods to do it. Let me know the in the comment section.

Time taken: 30-40 hours (I spent around 3-4 hours per day for 10 days straight to complete the throne).

Money spent: Indian Rs.1465

Step 1: Note

Step 2: Things Required

Step 3: Process Followed

Step 4: Process Followed (Continued)

Step 5: ​Expenditure Details

Step 6: Credits


Afifa Abdul Kader- Helping in making paper balls.

Alok Edasseri- Helping in arranging the platform

Asish Mohandas- Helping in spray-painting, reviewing documentation process.

Guddu Bhaiyya (Ram Sajivan Vishwakarma)- Giving inputs on the types of paints, how to use compressor.

Conrad D'Cruz- Giving inputs on chair ergonomics

Mahendra Kumar Reddy- Helping in making paper balls.

MsLaviniaful- The DIY video uploaded in YouTube. Link:

Pushpal Dey-Giving constant feedbacks on the aesthetics part, helping in spray-painting, lending DSLR camera Ritika Singh- Arranging layers of swords and giving inputs on the same.

Saif Khan- Giving useful inputs and feedback on the making of swords, making stencils, spray-painting, painting details on the sword handles and a lot more.

Other friends- Encouragement