Introduction: How I Update Lego Mech Sets

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Many people before have asked me, "Dude! How do you get your ideas?"

Admittedly, those people are few in numbers.

Nevertheless, I am prepared to take you into the inner workings of my mind and show you how I update/redesign old yet great Lego sets.

Step 1: Admit to Yourself That Your Favorite Set Is Flawed.

Every set is. But don't worry, that's what you will fix.

Makuta Icarax: Look at those arms. Yuck. The spinny thing is alright at best, but it's a gimmick plain and simple. And what in Mata Nui's name is that hand??

Mine Mech: Those limbs could stand some polishing up, don't you think?

Magma Mech: I'm not a fan of that cockpit. Also, knees? They are a little crucial. The arms, too, are just way too gimmicky.

Step 2: Strip Your Set Down to It's Strongest Components

Rid yourself of excesses, comrade!

Step 3: Joints and Symmetry

These two elements will make any mech build look so much better.

Step 4: Feel Free to Use Designs From Other Sets

For Makuta, I took inspiration from Hydraxon's hands.

The mech's hand is ripped right from the Crystal King set. So... Yeah.

Step 5: Begin the Coolening

Sorry, I think I misspelled 'make the cockpit look less like an inside-out Abrams tank'

Step 6: Slavishly Recreate (Or Update) Key Details From the Source Material

You just gotta do it. You can't avoid this step. If you want your creation to be an 'update' and not a 'moc,' it needs to be recognizably similar to its source material.

Step 7: Admire Your Work

Relax! Party! Your old Lego mech has been brought to new life!

I hope this journey through my mind has enlightened you somewhat. And, of course, hope u njoyed!

Ok, get out of my head now.