Introduction: How to Build a LEGO Drawer

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This instructable will teach you how to make a drawer out of Legos. This looks great on your desk.

Step 1: Supplies

In a perfect world, these are the peices you need:
18 4x4 Wedge Bricks
19 4x1 Bricks
2 6x6 Plates
6 2x1 Bricks
1 2x12 Brick
2 1x10 Tiles
1 1x2 Tilw
4 1x8 Bricks
1 1x10 Plate
2 1x8 Tiles
4 4x4 Tiles
2 1x4 Tiles
4 1x4 Bricks
1 1x2 Brick with a pole attached

But since you probably won't have all those pieces exactly, just use whatever pieces you have to make the steps.

Step 2: Cabinet Floor

Use the 2 8x8 Plates and attach them with tiles as in the picture. Place a tile in the front and some pieces to stop the drawer from going in too far in the back.

Step 3: Cabinet Walls

Place blocks as needed around the edges to form the walls. They should be three blocks tall.

Step 4: Cabinet Roof

Use the 1x10 Block (or improvise) and the wedge blocks to build the roof. Stack the wedge blocks 3 high and 3 wide and use the 1x10 block to reinforce the inside. There should be a gap the length of the roof and 4 studs wide on the inside. Place a 1x 4 block on one side of the gap. Place the roof on top of the cabinet.

Step 5: Drawer

Build the drawer out of the blocks and plates and tiles. Place the tiles on every exposed stud when you're finished. Make the drawer three blocks high. Put the 1x2 block with the pole attached somewhere on the front of the drawer.

Step 6: Finished!

Simply slide the drawer into the cabinet and then you're done! Enjoy!
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