Introduction: How to Burn a Poem Into Birch Bark

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I made this for language arts class recently and decided that it would definitely be something to post to Instructables.
You will Need...
-Birch bark from a DEAD BIRCH TREE please don't kill a tree for your valentine it's not very romantic!!!
-Soldering Iron
-A poem "preferably romantic and original"

Step 1: Heat the Soldering Iron

Plug the soldering iron in. Let it heat up.
While you are waiting for the iron to heat up Lightly in pencil write your poem out. You can't really erase the pencil so do your best handwriting, Bigger Letters = Easier Tracing

Step 2: Burn the Bark

Take the soldering iron hold it like a pencil it helps it the grip is closer to the tip. place the soldering iron against the bark at an angle. when you dot i's hold the soldering iron vertically and push down. The bigger your letters are the easier it is to make the poem legible!

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