Introduction: How To: Casey Jones T.M.N.T. Costume.

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This Instructable will attempt to show you how i created my awesometastic Casey Jones fan costume.
Casey Jones is a vigilante crime fighter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, and in my opinion the best character.

Now, there are many different versions of this hero so in further instructions i'll try to point out other paths to take, or pieces of clothing you could use if you dont like my design.

I wanted my Casey Jones to be a combo between the Casey Jones fanmade movie version and the 1980's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie version.

With all this hooblah said, lets boogie.

Step 1: What You Need...

This is a list of some of the stuff you may need to get for yourself in order to make this costume.

Black Oil Pastel
Flour & Water
Air-Dry Clay
6 D rings (silver)
Washer & Dryer
Black denim jacket
White A-Shirt
White and black plaid button up long sleeve collar shirt
White shirt or white fabric
Black cotton work gloves
Black regular fit jeans
White shoelace
Old black and white shoes
Hot glue gun
Spray paint Primer
White spray paint
Black acrylic paint

Step 2: The Torso!!!

This layer is just a basic A-Shirt, (wife beater, white beater, beater, tank, tank top. etc...)
I used just a plain ole white one.

For this i used a white and black plaid button up long-sleeved collar shirt.
Button up the shirt about 4 buttons, just enough to let the top of the A-Shirt to show.
Then roll the sleeves up to just above your elbow, if they dont stay on their own, safety pin the sleeves up by putting the pin through the outermost layer in the sleeve roll and into the upper arm part of the sleeve.

The third and final layer should be a dark denim vest.
I started out with a black denim jacket. (yes its a women's jacket, but who cares.)
Cut off the sleeves just after the seams. (keep the sleeves for later)
Throw the vest in the washer, once the washer fills up, add about a cup of bleach. The bleach is to loosen up the fabric and give an aged look to it,
DO NOT add bleach directly to the vest, itll damage the math out of it.
Upon the washer's completion, the dryer should be the next step.
Now you should take it out and put it on to absorb its warmness.(that's important!)
Then take either a knife with teeth or a piece of sandpaper (dont have either? what about a skateboard? that works the same) and run it across the seams where you cut the sleeves off, this also gives it an aged look.

(Other Options) For other versions of Casey Jones
You could also use just a RED A-Shirt or just a BLACK T-Shirt with the sleeves rolled up, or a BLUE-GREEN pullover hoodie with the sleeves cut off. Goin for the new CG movie version? GREY longsleeve shirt under a RED T-shirt.

Step 3: Hands and Arms.

This version calls for some wraps...

You can use those medical wraps that they put on wounds, if you have any white ones. Or you can make your own!

How to make the wraps.
Take a white shirt or large white piece of fabric, cut it into a spiral, not cuz you want a circle, but because doing so will give you a very large wrap. Once you get the wrap cut out, (assuming you cut out the whole side to a T-shirt) cut the wrap in half. you should now have 2 wraps that are about 5 feet long each.
Start the wrap in the palm of your hand then wrap around your thumb and work your way up your wrist. go about 6inches past your wrist then cut it off and tuck the end under your last wrap.

Now you need fingerless gloves.
You could use actual fingerless gloves, yeah, but those things are so flippin uncomfortable.
What i did was got a pair of cotton work gloves from the dollar store, removed the packaging, and cut the finger parts off about one segment out.
Don't worry about sewing the ends up or anything, i mean its a costume accessory. It isnt much of a big deal.
Now put the gloves on over the wraps and thar ye haves it.

(Other Options) For other versions of Casey Jones.
You could do just the fingerless gloves, you could just use long brown leather gloves, you could use just hockey goalie gloves, you could put the wrap going up only one arm (left or right, dudnt matter.) with fingerless gloves.

Step 4: The Legs and Feet

He is supposed to be wearing sweat pants or hockey pants, however i chose to go with a pair of black jeans.
Well... when asked what made him better than other vigilantes, a great man once yelled "I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PANTS!"
Big shout out to terlitz!
Instructables member terlitz got himself a nice 3 month pro membership code for being the first person to notice the "The Dark Knight" reference up there^^^.
So... yeah.. Same thing with the jacket, wash the pants with a cup of bleach, and ofcourse DO NOT add the bleach directly to the pants.

For the belt, just to resemble the typical drawstring you find in actual hockey pants, i used a white shoelace and tied it through the belt loops.

I've seen sketches where Casey is wearing black n white Converse hightops. I just happen to have a pair already, so there's that.
However. if you dont.. i guess any black and white kind of shoes would work.

(Other options) For other versions of Casey Jones.
Grey sweat pants, black track pants with the white stripe going up one leg, faded and torn up blue jeans.

Step 5: The Mask Basic Shape

The typical Casey Jones mask is like a hockey mask mixed with The Punisher's skull, so using a generic goalie mask just won't cut it.

What youre gonna have to do first is make some paper mache goopy stuff.
I used just all-purpose flour and water. Combine the two to a ratio that causes it to be similar to the consistancy of regular school glue.
To use it properly, completely lather strips of torn newspaper and place on your object.

Now draw an outline on your face similar to this one in the pictures below with a black piece of oil pastel. (Comes off easy)
Go up to your hair line, make a sharp "cheek bone" shape, come down and inward, outline your jaw.

Before doing anything messy!!!
It is recommended that you lay down a large piece of cardboard or trashbags or whatever can get covered in muck and nobody would care about. Then lay down on your back and apply the strips of goopy newspaper.
if you can't do it yourself (you shouldnt be able to) have a friendly helper cover your whole face in paper mache to match the outline.
Make sure the person covering your face does it evenly, and keeps it pressed against your skin for the best fit. Leave just the bottom of your nose open, should make a triangle.
Your helper should make about 4 to 5 layers, so that way it'll harden when it dries.
IMPORTANT!!!- Be sure that your "friendly helper" has no grudges against you. Otherwise they could do something devious to you or your household while you're blinded by the paper mache!

Step 6: The Mask Details

Once your "skin tight" face shell has dried and hardened completely you can start adding the details that truly make it a Casy Jones mask.
First draw where you want the "detailed" and raised areas to be on the basic shape mask. see pictures

Now cut out the EYE HOLES, 3 MOUTH SLITS, and 3 RECTANGLE BELT SLOTS. (located at the top of the mask and at the end of the 2 cheek bone areas.) see pictures.

Then take some air dry clay and sculpt on some menacing looking eyebrows, a finely shaped and elevated cheekbone line, the 3 teeth areas need to be elevated aswell.
Once you get all those blocks sculpted on, try to flatten inward or "blend" the clay into the basic shell towards the center. So it looks like a seamless ramp going outward.

Upon completing the clay placement, cover the whole mask, inside and out, in about 3 more layers of paper mache.
Let dry.
When it dries it should be pretty heavy, thats just the clay's weight.

Step 7: The Mask Painting

Once the mask is completely dry, Coat it with spray paint primer (gray or white, works the same)
Let that dry.

Then coat it again with white spray paint.
Go on ahead and let that dry too...

Ok then take a flippin knife and dig into the sucker!!!
(those were dramatic words, just cut through a couple layers of the paper mache roughly along the line shown in the pictures below for the "scar" on the eye.)

Then paint the internals of the cut with black acrylic, wipe away any excessive paint with a rag.

Step 8: The Mask Straps and Extras Pt1

Now its time to make the straps that hold the mask to your face.
This is where those jacket sleeves come in handy.
First for the mouth blackening part.

Cut out a rectangle from one of the sleeves that would best cover the 3 mouth holes completely, then hot glue the rectangle to the inside of the mask, covering the mouth holes.
This gives your mouth a cool silhouetted look.

For the hook things...
Youll need 6 D rings.
And... cut out 3 rectangles that are as tall as the D rings and about 4 times as long (see pictures)

Fold the top and bottoms of the rectangles inward about a cm., then hot glue them in place.
Put the rectangle through the hole made in the mask and hot glue it in place. (remember see pictures for further help.)
Put 2 D rings on the outside and put the remaining part of the rectangle through them and glue it to the inside.

Do this 3 times. Top strap. (1.)  Left strap. (2.)  Right strap. (3.)

Step 9: The Mask Straps and Extras Pt2

Now to make the actual straps. Still using the sleeve denim.

Cut out 2 rectangles that as are tall as the D rings and are about a foot long. (these are the side straps)
Remember, not everybody has the same size head, so yours may need to be longer or shorter.

Cut out another rectangle thats about a foot and a half long (the top strap.)
Like i said, everybody is different, you may have to make your own measurements.

For the main base in the back cut out 2 circles about the size of an original silver dollar.

Glue the 3 straps to one circle as seen in the images below, then glue the other circle onto the other end, like a sealer.
Cut off the bottom of the circle under the side straps, to make it have a flat look.

Now put the straps through the D ring loops.
Fit it to your head, make sure the straps are even...
Hot glue the top strap, and one of the side straps in place, these being glued will make it so much easier to put on and take off at will...

To take off the mask, now, all you gotta do is loosen the side D ring that isnt hot glued in place.

Note= The hat is not Casey Jones, its me... i go nowhere without that hat.

Step 10: Put It All Together and What Do You Get!?


It wasn't that bad was it? No, really... was it? How'd i do? How did you do? Did you make this? I'd love to see it!

Put your CJ costume on and wear it with pride!

Note: Most versions of the Casey Jones character weild a hockey stick as a weapon, and carry it in a typical golf club style bag around his back. He has been depicted with just a golf club before. In my instructable i didn't mention the making of the weapons or the weapons bag because (out of setting a good example for my son) i did not make them. The golf club you see in the pictures is just for show.
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