Introduction: How to Create a Fake Halloween Bruise at Home.!

So for the halloween competitions I decided I would share the technique I use for creating fake bruises.
There are plenty of techniques out there but this is handy because it dosnt use any specialty materials.
This can be used to create whatever kind of bruise you can think of from a black eye to bruised shin.:)
You can mess around with the colours to get the effect your looking for.:)

 and it will literally take 5 minutes to do..!

Step 1: Materials

The only thing that I used to create the fake bruise was eye shadow. Stolen from family..:)
you need the following colours or close to it.:
A deep blue colour
A pink colour
A green colour
you'll also need a makeup brush and your finger to smudge.

Step 2: Prepare the Skin and First Layer

Clean the area where you want to apply the fake bruise and make sure that its dry.
Then apply the first layer of the deep blue and smudge it to blend it in. Try not to make it round because it wouldnt look realistic.

Step 3: Second Layer

Take the pinkish eye shadow and apply it in the middle of the fake bruise. Smudge in the colour so that its in the middle of the bruise and is pinkish towards the centre and purple towards the outside.

Step 4: Final Layer

Take the greenish colour of eye shadow and draw a line around the bruise and smudge it in. You can add blotches of black, grey or brown into different areas of the bruise to add some affect. Just play around with the colours untill you find the effect your looking for.

Step 5: Result

This is just my version of a bruise you can mess around with colours to get the type of bruise you want.
Apparently theres different stages of a bruise (Hard to notice when your cursing and swearing at being kicked or something) so heres the basic colours in each just to make it easier for you..:)
As far as I can figure out there are three main stages. I could be wrong here so dont quote me.

The early/fresh stage
-the bruise goes a redsish colour at the start basically just after you've been kicked..:/

The middle stage
-After the few curses and swears the bruise starts to turn to a a darker red to purple then a black or blue.
(im fairly certain this is the stage mine is based on)
-Darker red

The healing stage
-It then starts to turn a brown then greenish colour then to a yellow. If you do have a bruise I think this means its healing (again dont quote.:))

Step 6: Removal

Any make up remover will work to get rid of the bruise and if you cant find that id say hot water and soap would proprably do the trick.:)

Thanks for viewing and let me no what you think..:)

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