How to Do Cute French Nails




Introduction: How to Do Cute French Nails

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Step 1: What You Need

Clear nail polish, nail growth polish, metal orange stick, white nail polish, nail buffer, and nil file

Step 2: Pushhh

Use your metal orange stick to push back your cuticles and remove any remains of polish

Step 3: File

File your nails however you like. Just make sure it's even.

Step 4: Buff

Use all four sides of your buffer. Don't use it like a nail file. Instead, buff the whole nail

Step 5: Growth

Coat your nails in a growth polish. You can buy them in any drug store. I recommend Sally Hansen growth products. They cost about 6$ but is worth it! It made my nails grow about 2mm in about a week.

Step 6: French It Up!

Use your white polish to create a thin line on the tips of your nails. If you have long nails use your tips Asa template.once it's dry, paint a clear top coat on.

Step 7: The End!

Enjoy your salon perfect nails! Thank you for looking at my instructable! Follow and favorite! --moskiii13

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    I used to buff the whole nail, but read that it makes the nail thin and easy to damage. Instead it's recommended to just buff the edges of the nail near the cuticle. This means you're only buffing the nail where it has freshly grown out, instead of re-buffing the same nail over and over.


    9 years ago