Introduction: How to Do Your Own Newsprint Nails

Hi guys welcome to my first intractable. I am going to show you how to your own writing without too much hassle. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow, favorite, and vote. Thanks for reading. You can also use just normal newspaper rather than drawing.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: Baby oil/ almond extract/ rubbing alcohol ( I used almond extract ) A small container ( I used a small dish to hold cashews ) A pale color ( I used a creamy white ) A pen ( use a Biro or the ink will run ) Cotton buds ( Q-tip ) Ruler ( or a straight object ) Strip of plain newspaper ( cut from the edge ) Scissors Clear nail varnish Optional extra: Dotting tool ( for hearts ) Red nail varnish Black nail varnish Under coat Nail varnish remover ( incase of a mistake )

Step 2: Drawing Your Nails

Get your strip of newspaper and write/draw what you want on your nails. Remember if you want to be able to read it you have to write it backwards. I put music ( backwards ) and I drew some notes.

Step 3: Painting Your Nails

Paint your nails in the color you want them to be. I did the thumb and the last two fingers white the middle finger black with a red heart and the other finger red with a black 'I'.

Step 4: Putting the Drawing On

Cover your nail in the oil/ extract the place the drawing face down on the nail and hold it there for 30secs then carefully peel it of and cover with a layer of clear polish.

Step 5: How to Do a Heart and a 'I'

With the dotting tool make 2 dots then drag them together. For the 'I' draw a thin vertical line then 2 horizontal lines each end.

Step 6: Thanks for Reading

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