Introduction: How to Draw a Asylum With Color

This is a how to draw a asylum.

Step 1: Things That You Would Need:

You would need :
colored pencils

Step 2: 1st Step

You would need to draw a square with triangles on the top.

Step 3: 2nd Step

Then you draw a square door with a dot for a knob in the middle bottom.

Step 4: 3rd Step

You make it a little 3D. Then you add bricks in the 3D part.

Step 5: 4th Step

You give it a small roof.

Step 6: 5th Step

Then the door gets diagonal lines facing different directions.

Step 7: 6th Step

Then you put dots in the inside of it and play connect the dots with the dots. Then you put a huge x in the middle of the drawing.

Step 8: 7th Step

Then you make more bricks.

Step 9: 8th Step

write on it(optional I put Asylum Do Not Enter) (sorry hard to see).

Step 10: 10th / Last

Add color (optional)(I used purple, black and gray).