Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Dodo

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The Dodo: A classically comical bird, with a funny shaped beak, and is not so hard to convert into a cartoony character.

Step 1: The Base

Draw a large circle and a larger oval further down, like so. MAKE SURE TO DRAW LIGHTLY.

Step 2: The Base

Draw two curved lines connecting the circle and oval, this will be the neck. Draw a rounded triangle on the far end of the oval, this will be the tail.

Step 3: The Base

Draw two ovals at the base of the oval with two short, slightly curved lines attached.

Step 4: The Head

Draw a curved, toucan like beak on the circle.

Step 5: The Head

Draw two small circles on the very edge of the larger circle above the beak.

Step 6: The Head

Add two tiny circles or dots in the centre of the small circles and remove the line of the circle over the beak.

Step 7: The Legs

Fill out the lines at the base to form legs and feet with two claws at the front and a tiny back claw.

Step 8: The Tail

Draw three curved triangles to the tail to form feathers. Remove the lines.

Step 9: The Wings

Draw a skewed small oval and a rounded triangle shape near the centre of the body.

Step 10: The Wings

Add some spiky feathers and remove any unnecessary base lines on the wings. Draw a lump on the front of the large oval for the right hand wing.

Step 11: The Legs

Clean up the legs and add tiny feathers on the base of the small ovals.

Step 12: Details

Add details to the beak and feathers on the back of the neck. Clean up any stray base lines.

Step 13: Fineline...

Step 14: And Colour!

Think up new colouring styles and details to create your own dodo cartoon character!