Introduction: How to Draw a Cat

About: Hi I'm Amelia and I love to do many things like drawing, running, reading, and creating. :) nice to meet u all :3

Step 1: Drawing the Basic Shapes

Draw a light circle for the head

Step 2:

Then add a smaller circle for the muszle or nose of the cat.

Step 3: Connecting

Connect the two circles like so...

Step 4: Erasing

Erase the lines like this

Step 5: Adding the Faceal Features

Draw the face add whiskers if u want.

Step 6: Adding Legs

Draw the front leg then move to the paw. Don't forget make your drawing unique add claws.

Step 7: Back and Belly

Draw in the back and belly p.s my cat will be siting down but feel free to make him stand.

Step 8: Adding in the Rest

Finish drawing all the legs

Step 9: Tail

Add in a tail it can be puffy or not its up to u!

Step 10: Extras

Add whatever u want to ur cat a collar bow markigs ?maby even wings? It's up to u just make it one in a million

Step 11: Color

Now just creative and add some color. This drawing is for beginners wanting to learn how to animate