Introduction: How to Draw a Kawaii Cake Slice

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In this tutorial, I am going to show how I draw this cute, kawaii cake slice! I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Materials...

The tools that you need for this drawing are:

- A piece of standard printer paper

- A number 2 pencil

- Prisma Color pencils in red, white, yellow, dark brown, light brown, dark green, and black

- An eraser

Step 2: The Framework

To start off, lightly draw the basic framework of the cake slice. You are going to need to erase this later so don't use too much pressure.

Step 3: Basic Shapes

Now add in the basic shapes of the whipped cream, strawberry, and icing.

Step 4: Outlining

Use the dark brown pencil to outline the icing both on top and between the layers of cake. (photo 1)

Outline the cake using the yellow pencil. (photo 2)

Use red and green to outline the strawberry and stem respectively. (photo 3)

Step 5: Coloring In

Use dark brown to create a thin strip of color along where you outlined with the dark brown. (photo 1)

Repeat this same process with the rest of the colors (red, green, and yellow). I suggest making the yellow strip a good bit thicker than the rest. [photo 2]

Take light brown and make a thick strip along the dark brown strip. (photo 3)

Step 6: Adding Detail

Use you black pencil to add swirly lines to your whipped cream (photo 1) and add seeds to your strawberry (photo 2).

Step 7: Blending

Use the white pencil to color over the entire drawing making it blend!

Step 8: Add the Faces!

Don't forget to add the cute kawaii faces!

Step 9: Now You're Finished!