Introduction: How to Draw a Killer Klown Face

Drawing a Killer Klowns face step by step.

Lets get right to it. Draw an oval shape for the head and draw the basic elements such as the eye, mouth and round nose shapes as above.

Step 1: Draw in Some Hair and Lips

Drawing the hair shape I wanted to give this Klown a Mohawk hairstyle which isn't apparent in this quick sketch as it looks like the top of a carrot.

Step 2: Draw Some Ears and Define the Lower Jaw

What's a Klown without ears, so draw them in and then define the lower jaw of the Killer Klown

Step 3: Draw Lots of Facial Details

By sketching in lots of facial details now we can progress on to the next stage which is inking the Killer Klown Face. Notice I have added detailed frown lines and slight shadow under the eyes and the eyes themselves look quite striking with a simple round ball and a dot right in the centre.

Step 4: Inking the Killer Klown Face

Inking is always a personal choice for your pencil drawings and I start nearly always with the tops of the head and try and improve the drawing as you go along. Ink provides a solid ink permanence that looks very bold and graphically cool.

Step 5: Continue the Inking Process

When you continue the inking process you will also find that some of the pencil drawing that you did first will have to be amended or changes, this can be optional depending on your own preference. I always try and improve the drawing slightly when inking it.

Step 6: Killer Klown Face Completed and Inked

The inking is finished, notice I have added a few speckles on the round nose just to add that small detail. Erasing the pencil lines would be a good idea and color is also an option.