Introduction: How to Draw a Map

This instructable is how to draw a map, not how to make a map What you will need is Paper Colored pencils Sharpie Rubber Band Brown spray paint

Step 1: Drawing the Village

On your map the villages are as big as a continent so I would say the limit is 3-6 villages

Step 2: Adding the Key

Once you have drawn the villages then draw your key the key should be to your bottem-right corner of paper but do NOT put the things down on the map, just right them in the key

Step 3: Adding City ( Land ) in Your Villages

I would recommend 8-10 land per village make sure to make them big enough to also put some mountains, etc.

Step 4: Adding the Key

Know we add the key that was added on the map to the map Ideas Mountains Forest Mini treasure Tombs Etc.

Step 5: Perfection

After you are done with your map, you should outline everything in sharpie, if you want, you could erase any pencil marks later after you color you should use colored pencil it is the best