Introduction: How to Draw : Chansey

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Hi Guys! Today I'm going to show you how to draw Chansey from Pokémon so let's get started!

Step 1: Lines

So first you gotta draw an egg shaped figure for the base of her body.

Step 2: Details

Next you need to draw a convex shape on the bottom half of her body, then put a straight line on top of the convex you just did, And then put a top half of an egg at the top of the pouch ( the convex ), Next you gotta draw three bent hotdogs.... Yes i said bent hotdogs, On the upper left and upper right of her body/egg-shaped figure,Then draw two medium-sized triangles on the bottom left and bottom right of
Her body.

Step 3: More Details

Next you gotta draw two tiny oblongs on the top middle part of her body, then fill only on the bottom part of the oblong so the blank space will act as a highlight for the eyes, Then draw a thin convex line under her eyes but not literally under her eyes but draw it a little bit under the eyes, Then add little triangles holding the egg like figure inside her pouch-thingy.

Step 4: Coloring

Finally we've reached this step : Coloring!
Now let's start coloring!
First color : Light Pink - for the body i couldn't find a light pink one so i just used a normal pink for the body

Second color : Fuchsia Pink - for the pouch i couldn't find this color too so i just layered it using the same pink for the body

Third color : White - for the egg thingy

Fourth color ( This is optional ) : Yellow
I mixed it with the white to get a pale yellow color

And now your finished!

Step 5: Finished Product