Introduction: How to Paint : Simple School Girl

About: Crazy 5SOS obsessed fangirl that loves to draw, bake, sing and craft. Taken by someone called Michael Clifford.

Step 1: Lines

Draw a circle for the head but put a sharp point on the bottom of the circle for the chin for the body the chest should be small. For the arms not too long the left arm (for you) should be a little far from the body because she is holding a bag on her left hand the legs should be half only because i zoomed it on the half of her body ( hehe <3 )

Step 2: Details

For the details draw a necktie, striped socks, and a checkered skirt

Step 3: Coloring

Hair - Brown
Eyes - Green
Necktie - Red
Bag - Brown
Skirt - Red
Socks - Red & White
Pony tail - Red

Step 4: Finish!!!