Introduction: How to Draw Invader Zim

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Step 1: Square One... Literally...

Draw a rectangle. It doesn't have to be perfect as it is just a base for zims head. Draw two "construction lines" one going horizontally through the middle. And one going vertical down the right side. Draw lightly.

Step 2: Eyes

Draw two big ovals for zims eyes. Make the left eye sit directly on the horizontal line so it goes straight through the middle of the oval, and the right eye on the outside of the body a bit. Draw lightly.

Step 3: Body

Draw a triangle just slightly smaller than the zims head underneath. Draw his arm next to it and his feet below it. Draw lightly.

Step 4: First Ending.

This is the base for Zim. In the following steps do not draw lightly. Instead, push harder.

Step 5: Alien Eyes

Draw 3/4 ways up his eye and then give him a furrowed brow. Zim doesn't actually have any pupils just shines, so draw a few ovals in both eyes.

Step 6: Head and Mouth.

Draw his head. Darken the top and right side line(except where the eye overlaps) and then have the top one angle down. Angle the bottom line towards his body and connect the rest. On the bottom line shape a lip so it looks like he is pouting. Add two antennae to his head.

Step 7: Body And... Attachments

For the arm draw a triangle acting as a cuff. Then thicken the arm. Add another triangle as his glove and make his fingers bend outwards. Draw horizontal lines on his arm as his sleeve and for detail. For his body add a triangle as a neckline and darken the body. Add three stripes to his shirt to match is sleeve. For his legs just thicken them up and add a boot.

Step 8: Second Ending

This is the sketch of invader zim in his irken form. Continue on for a more inked and finalized look.

Step 9: Inked!!!

Take your marker and outline every thing you darkened. Then when it's COMPLETELY DRY erase all pencil marks. You can color it too, if you want. Thank you for looking at my instructable! I hoe you enjoyed learning to draw invader zim. If you think I should do more drawing tutorials add a comment saying I should.follow and favorite! --moskiii13