Introduction: How to Draw: Vio Wine Packaging

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How to draw a cool wine packaging. Original inspired work I came up with.

Step 1: Supplies Needed!!

Drawing pen or any regular fine point pen, a pencil(any type will do), and a regular ruler.

Step 2: Drawing the Front of the Vio Wine Packaging

Best you use the pencil here and the ruler. To Draw the lines, draw about a six inch line. Then just go from there.

Step 3: Drawing the Front of the Vio Wine Packaging: Detail One

Next you will Draw the top detail. Use the pencil to outline the design first then trace over with the pen. Use the ruler to make perfect looking lines. I also used the ruler to draw the v and the I, and I drew the o by hand.

Step 4: Drawing the Front of the Vio Wine Packaging: Detail Two

Drawing the Wine Bottle Design. It's a little hard but there is ways to make it easier. You might want to use the pencil to outline. Draw a rectangle in the box. let it be centered, the cut off point for the rectangle should be where you plan on drawing the upper body. So sketch out the upper body until they both look the same on both sides. You can add little touches like bubbles if you want. And the little shading I have. it's kind of hard to shade with a pen. If your not used to it, so skip if your not good at it. But it can be great practice though.

Step 5: Drawing the Back of the Vio Wine Packaging

Just like Step One. just draw it slanted. Then Make a center V,with a upside down one in the middle of it. Use Pencil to Outline.

Step 6: Drawing the Front of the Vio Wine Packaging: Fill In

Finish the rest based on the pictures. Draw a dividing line at the bottom for your signature. After you you FINISH the Glass( in the glass is bubbles). A little down draw a wave line, with ice in it. See Photos For reference.

Step 7: We Finished Yay. Have a Drink on Easter!!

Have a Nice One :-)