Introduction: How to Draw a Metroid

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to draw a metroid from the 1986 video game, Metroid.

Step 1: the Top

To start off you first draw an open semicircle. Be sure it's open or your metroid will have a skirt on.

Step 2: the Bottom

After you draw the top you close it off with a line that has two curves.

Step 3: The Brains

Add three dots in an upside-down triangle formation in the outline's lower middle.

Step 4: The Claws

Add four 90 degree curves(middle ones are smaller) and connect them to the metroid with more curved lines.

Step 5: The Goo

To finish the simplified version go inside the outline and draw the same shape but smaller.

Step 6: The Shine

If you want to continue your drawing then add squiggly lines in the center to show shines.

Step 7: The Details

Add some dots in it's membrane and darken the center for a slimy effect.

Step 8: The Caption

This part is completely optional and you can do your own style.

Well, now you know how to draw a character from my favorite video game.

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