Introduction: How to Dry Your Shoes!!!!

Are your shoes wet? Got caught out in the rain while on a run? Here's how to make it all better!

Step 1: Take Your Shoes Off

For some reason, they dry better that way.

Step 2: Get a Towel

Loosen the laces of the shoes so that the tongue can be lifted up rather high.

Step 3: Roll Your Towel

Just roll it up.

Step 4: Cram It!

Cram the ends of the towel into each shoe. Raising the tongue will let you get the towel all the way down to the toes.

Step 5: Tighten and Wait

Tighten the laces and tongue down onto the towel so that it may dry out also. Tightening also keeps the shoes from getting all blown out and screwed up.

It might work better with one of those SuperChamois things they've been selling on TV, but this works just fine!