Introduction: How to Fix a Stupid Cheese Grater

Step 1: The Story of the Stupid Cheese Grater

My cheese grater had 3 feet... 2 FEET FELL OFF! Every time i tried to grate cheese it would wobble causing me to almost grate off my finger!  I got a gift pack of sugru so i decided to try it out.  I ripped off the one foot and replaced them with awesome bouncy sugru feet.
Problem Solved.  This is my first instructable.

(for a strange reason the pictures did something strange...)

Step 2: Materials

You will need:
       -A Stupid Cheese Grater
        -3 Packs Of Sugru
        -1 Pair Of Scissors

Step 3: Cut Open the Sugru Packs

Just cut open the sugru packs on the dotted line.

Step 4: Form the Spheres

Knead the sugru for about 30 seconds.  Then form 3 spheres to act as feet.

Step 5: Put the Cheese Grater on the Spheres

Push the spheres onto the cheese grater.  You can try to keep them spheres or do what i did and make them into triangular shapes.

Step 6: Leave It to Dry

Prop up the cheese grater on the scissors and let it cure overnight.

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