Introduction: Nintendo DS Ipod Case (DSI)

What do you get when you mix an Ipod with a DS! This thing! I was looking for something to do for the " challenge" and while digging in a drawer i found my old broken ds.  When i looked up I saw my Ipod...

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The Tools: -A Jigsaw
                    -A file
                    -A Flatheaded screwdriver (There are weird Y shaped screws and this can get them out)
                    -A pair of Scissors

The Materials: - An old DS (I used the oldest DS because it is big and fat and inexpensive)
                           - An Ipod Touch

Step 2: GUT IT!!

Take out the battery. Disasemble the DS by taking out all the screws then take of the back.  Take out the circuit board by cutting the black wire and other thing connecting it to the top half. Remove all of the buttons.

Step 3: Cut It!

Trace around the Ipod with a sharpie(Forgot to take picture but it doesn;t seem too hard) onto the bottom half leaving room at top and bottom.  Use the Jigsaw to cut out the shape (OPTIONAL: Use a drill to cut the round parts of the ipod to be less likely to crack the plastic).  Place the bottom in ( Do Not Screw It In Though!) and then test fit the Ipod to make sure it fits.  Mine did not so I had to use a file to grind away some plastic so i could fit in my Ipod.

Step 4: Put It Back Together Again!

Put all the screws back into place to secure the back to the front.  Put the battery cover back on.

Step 5: Go Play Some Games!!

The title says it all...


This step is optional but I put a piece of thin Fun Foam on the base to prevent Ipod scratches.  If you can please comment, I would like to hear peoples opinion on this. challenge

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