Introduction: How to Fold Bedsheet Sets Into a "Bedsheet Bundle / Package " (works for Flat & Fitted Sheets, All Sizes)

A Brief History:
We humans need to sleep. Early on someone figured out that grass and straw were more comfortable than the ground. Thus the bed. Then around 3400 BC the Egyptian Pharaohs had their beds moved off the ground and slept on raised surfaces. This worked well for a while. Moving forward to the Roman Empire, mattresses were stuffed with wool, feather, reeds or hay for comfort. The bed frames were decorated with paint, bronze, silver, jewels and gold. During the Renaissance people started covering their mattresses with silks, velvets or satin material. Since then humanity has struggled to find the perfect way of folding these "bedsheets" in a neat and tidy way. The wait is over!

This Instructable will show you how to fold any Bedsheet set into a "Bedsheet Bundle".

Step 1: Folding 101

An Overview:
To fold your fitted sheet, see this Instructable; How To Fold A Fitted Sheet by lancmaltby.
Go and gather your sheet set(s) and get ready to fold like a pro!

Supplies Needed
1) Pillowcase
2) Sheet (Fitted or Flat)
3) Duvet/Blanket Cover

Additional Pillowcases, Shams, Bed-skirt, etc.
*Pretty much anything that you consider to be a part of this "set"
A surface to fold on (a bed works really well)

NOTE: Some steps have multiple images/illustrations. Remember to view them all.

Step 2: Pillow Talk

For fitted sheet; follow How To Fold A Fitted Sheet by lancmaltby until "STEP 7" then STOP! Continue from here.
For a flat sheet; just start here.

Spread the pillowcase nice and flat (image 1).
That was easy.
Now fold the pillow case in half, once over (image 2).
Still pretty simple.

Step 3: Between the Sheets

Fold the sheet (Fitted or Flat) so that the final result fits into the "footprint" of the pillowcase (images 1 through 5).
Ideally, there should be a bit of space on all four sides (image 6).
If you're having trouble, don't fret. This is the tricky part. Just keep practicing and before you know it you'll be a master at this.

Step 4: Duvet or the Highway

Fold the duvet cover so that once again the final result fits into the "footprint" of the pillowcase.
Again, practice makes perfect. So keep on foldin'!

Step 5: Folding Frenzy

If you have additional stuff that go with your set, fold, fold, fold.
Just make sure it all stacks nicely and within the pillowcase parameters (the famed "footprint").

Step 6: Pillow Attack

Part I
Now that all the tricky folding is done, we move on to the funner parts.
Move the neat and tidy stack off the pillowcase.
Unfold the Pillowcase with the opening (mouth) facing you (image 1 and 2).
Put you hands and arms all the way into the pillowcase (image 3).
Ha Ha! Your hands are bound! Victory!!!
um... moving on...

Step 7: Pillow Attack II: the Wrath of Sham

Part II
With your arms stretching the pillowcase taut, grab the right corner of the stack with your right hand (which is still inside the pillowcase), and the left corner of the stack with your left hand (which is still inside the pillowcase as well).

Step 8: Holy Bat-Sheet! Its Gone (almost)

Vanishing Act, Part One
While gripping the stack from inside the pillowcase, work the pillowcase over your hands and onto the stack (image 1).
Once you've wrestled the pillowcase over the first part of your sheet stack, the rest is easy!
Now you can remove your hands from the death grip of the pillowcase (image 2).

Step 9: Its a Wrap

Vanishing Act, Part Two
While gripping one of the corners that is already covered by the pillowcase, use your other hand to pull the rest of the pillowcase over the stack.

Step 10: Pulling the Wool Over His Eyes

At this point you should have the entire bedsheet set in the lower half of the pillowcase (image 1).
All you need to do is fold the top half of the pillowcase (the empty half) and you're done (images 2 and 3).

Step 11: Bundle of Joy

If your pillowcase has an inner flap (image 1) you are in for a special treat;
Making a Bedsheet Bundle Super Deluxe Edition!
When you reach STEP 9, just make sure to fold the empty half of the pillowcase over so that the inner flap faces out (image 1).
Now merely fold the flap over the back end of the pillowcase (image 2) to create a tight and neat little bundle (image 3).

Step 12: Sweet Dreams (are Made of These)

Why Bedsheet Bundles?
Aside from looking really, really good there are many advantages to folding your bedding this way.
Keeps your sheet sets organized and together. (sheets are the new socks)
Easier transport from linen closet to bedroom.
Less time wasted going back and forth for missing pieces from a set.
Fast and easy way to see how many clean sets you have.
The list goes on.

Suggestions/tweaks/ideas are, as always, welcome.
Thank you for Viewing MrStuff's Instructable.