Introduction: How to Ge Free Sheet Music

This Instructable is about getting free sheet music for almost any instrument. I personally play an e flat alto saxophone and this way works for me But i have heard it works for many other instruments so give it a try and see if it works for you! I found out how to do this one day because i needed the Mario Theme song for my talent show, After hours of searching for free sax music in Google I found this method. With out further ado How to get Free sheet music.
****Please note that the music may not be perfect depending on the midi file****

Step 1: Downloading the Software

For this you will need a program called note worthy composer. although the name does say "composer" you don't need to compose anything unless you want to.the link to noteworthy is (use the evaluation copy it doesn't cost a thing!)

Step 2: Getting .midi Files

After you installed Note worthy you have to get the midi file. Midi files are what the files old school ring tones use. Note worthy can convert this into music for your instrument in less than ten minutes. A quick search on google you will find thousands of web sites. i prefer to do video game theme songs so i use this web site.
When you do find the song you want you can do right click.>save as to download it. save it to your desktop.

Step 3: Using Noteworthy

Noteworthy is fairly simple. First open it up. then click File>Open and find your midi file. You should see a couple of staffs all you need is the first one. Right Click the first staff and click select all. Then right click again and select copy

Step 4: Printing the Music

Click File>New>Blank Score. Now name it do what ever you want put a copyright if you must. When you are done right click the staff then click paste. Now click file print and print your music.

This is the basics of getting music with noteworthy once you become more skilled your songs will get more better.