Introduction: Office Chair Race Prank!

If your'e like me last year you woke up April 1 thinking it was a normal day but when you opened the door you found that you were pranked. I hadn't come up with any pranks so I had to Improvise ! i came up with this quick prank that you can do at any Office/School.


Step 1: Materials

The Materials Needed can be found at any Office/School

Duct Tape (Any tape could Work but it has to be strong)
Office chair with wheels
Rubber Bands
Sharpie (or any black marker)
3 people to help you
1 Victim

Step 2: Making the Mask

Cut the paper so that it can cover both eyes of your victim.
With the scissors Punch 2 holes at the sides of the mask.
Color the mask with the sharpie
Thread rubber bands through the holes so you can strap the mask on your face.

Step 3: Setting Up This Prank

1.Get your friends to make fake office chair races with you.
2.After that approach your victim and tell him you bet him 100 dollars that he cant beat you in a blind folded office chair race
3. Now place his chair on the starting line, make him sit down on it and blind fold him.
4.Next get the 3 people that are helping you to duct tape his front wheels to the ground.
5. Get in your chair.
6. Ask someone to push you guys.
Now your victim should fall face first. Finish the race and collect your 100 dollars.
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