Introduction: How to Hack a Kindle Fire to Get the Google Play Market

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Hey everybody,

So I found my old kindle fire 2nd generation tablet and I read about turning your kindle fire into a android tablet with the google play store. I thought this would be an awesome project so I grabbed my laptop and my kindle and got started! (This is just the google play store)

THIS MUST BE DONE WITH A 2nd GENERATION KINDLE FIRE (there are other methods for different generations)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage that occurs to your tablet which may include bricking your device!!! A warranty is a great thing to have if you want to do this!

Step 1: Download Android Sdk

1. Type into Google "android Sdk"
2. Download and open the application
3. After you open the application check the most current version (mines 4.4.2), Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform tools, and google USB driver

Step 2: Launch Android SDK Manager

1. Click "Tools" then "Manage Addon Sites"
2. In the next window, click "User Defined Sites"
3. Click "New" and add the following line:
4.After you add this line install the 2nd generation drivers along with anything else that you could be missing from the Android 4.0.3 package
5. Open up "Device Manager" for windows
6. Update the drivers for your Kindle Fire
7. Reboot your computer

Step 3: Download the Following Links

1. Download the Root_by_Bin4ry_v33
2. I used the link:
3. Download this link too:
4. And this one:

Step 4: Unzip the "Superuser.apk"

1. Take the Superuser from the system\app folder and the "su" from the system\bin and paste both of them into the "adt-bundle-windows\sdk\platform-tools" directory
2. Open a command window by holding "Shift" and right clicking anywhere in the folder that is empty

Step 5: Command Code

1. Type the lines EXACTLY as seen in my picture above.
2. You should be rooted now

If you get any error codes you need to start over

Step 6: Download ES File Explorer App

This allows you to transfer files and launch apps

Step 7: Download Google Play Files

1. Extract all of the files and place them into a separate folder.
2. Open ES File Explorer and go to the "Settings" menu, "Root Settings", and check "Root Explorer" and allow "Super User", "Up to Root", and "Mount File System"
3. Return to the compressed files folder and install "Googleserviceframeswork.apk
4. Reboot your kindle
5. Once the kindle is on go into the folder again and cut the "vending.apk" file and paste it in the system\app folder
6. Hold onto the "vending.apk" to bring up a menu. Select "properties" and "change permissions". Make sure read and write options are checked for user and just read for group and other
7. Go back and tap on "vending.apk" to replace and install it.
8. Go home>apps and select the market icon to launch it (you need to sign in)
9. Go back to the folder where the compressed file is and find the file "gplay.apk" and tap to install
10. Reboot and enjoy!

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