Introduction: How to Paint Like a Professional

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Hey everybody,
Every wanted to paint a room and realized you don't know how? Or you need some cash and snag a painting job but you suck at painting? We'll in this instructable I'll show you how to paint like a professional and get a clean uniform coat.
You will need:
1. Paint can(s) you may need more than one for bigger rooms so buy accordingly.
2. Brush 1 1/2 inches width should work well
3. Tarp (preferably plastic so it doesn't seep through)
4. Ladder
5. Paint can opener
6. Roller
7. Wet rag
8. Paint tray
9. Scotch tape (optional)

Step 1: Trim Ceiling, Molding and Corners

Open your can of paint using the paint can opener or just a screw driver and work your way around the top of the lid, using the opener like a lever and prying it up.

After the can is open use your brush to neatly trim the walls, molding, and the corner of walls. Don't dip your brush in the paint up to the metal near the handle. You should only dip in about 3/4".

Use the ladder for up high. You can use scotch tape to line the trimming to make it more neat but if you have a steady hand you won't need it. If you get paint on the ceiling don't use a rag to clean it. This will smear it. Just cover with a bit of white ceiling paint.

Step 2: Painting in "Z's"

After trimming, pour the paint into the tray and use the roller to make a "z" shape, starting in the upper left corner and working down and in columns. Make sure you have an adequate amount of paint on your roller and don't be stingy with the paint. Use the wet rag to clean up spilled drops and use the tarp!

Step 3: Fill In

After painting a "z" fill in the "z" so you have a square. Make sure you aren't pressing too hard because this will leave streaks on your wall.

Step 4: Continue in a Pattern

Repeat the previous pattern to cover all of the walls as neat as possible. Continue in column left to right.

After you finish clean your brush and roller well in a sink. Don't use a hose outside because this is bad for your grass and will leave brown patches. If you are going to use your roller or brush again with the same color wrap them with a plastic bag or plastic wrap. Store in fridge.

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