Introduction: CD Case Secret Compartment

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So I had a few hundred CDs lying around and I decided that for the "Secret Compartments" contest I would make a secret compartment out of some CD cases. Please VOTE for my instructable :)
Anyways, you will need:
1. Glue gun or gorilla glue
2. 5 CD cases
3. Utility knife or plastic cutter
4. Marker
5. Treasures to hid

Step 1: Gather Up 5 or Less Old CD Cases!

I just used my favorite CDs because I already had them on my laptop, but any ones will do! Make sure at least one of them has a front artwork and they all need back artwork.

Step 2: Remove CD Holder

Remove the black or clear CD holder and front and back artwork- hang onto them for now.

Step 3: Use Utility Knife to Make a Hole

Use a sharp knife and carefully cut a hole in the CD holder of four of the five cases. Leave one uncut. I used the CD holder as a guide for my circle, but yours can be as big or small as you'd like.
Then use a template and cut the same sized hole into the front and backs of three cases and only one hole in the BACK of one of the cases (careful not to break the plastic). Again leave the one cases completely uncut.

Step 4: Assembling the Pieces!

Put the front artwork back into the CD case with the hole in the back and the back artwork into the uncut cases. Use the glue gun or gorilla glue to glue the cases together making sure the cases are in the correct order and glued straight.

Step 5: Hid Your Stuff!

When completely dry you should now have a inconspicuous looking pile of CDs that holds your treasures! Place CDs on desk, shelf, or anywhere else and enjoy safely hiding stuff!

Thanks so much for reading(even if you didn't make this :) ) and please VOTE for me in the secret compartments contest! Happy Holidays!

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