Introduction: How to Hunt

If your itching to learn how to hunt this is how!

Step 1: Select the Animal You Want to Hunt

It depends on where you live. There is elk, deer, pronghorn, upland game birds, waterfowl, and many others.

Step 2: Get a Tag and Regulations

Go to your local store that sells tags and purchase one. Make sure you pick up a regulation book for your state.

Step 3: Sight in Your Gun

If you already have a gun picked make sure you have it sighted in at your local gun range.

Step 4: Make Sure You Have Permission

Ask some local ranchers or land owners if you can hunt on there land. Some will have a sign in box for block management.

Step 5: Get Your Clothes and Gear Ready

Make you have a partner going with you and then get things ready. Make sure you have camo and jackets if its cold, hiking boots and you absolutely need an orange vest! Purchase ammo at your local store.

Step 6: Wake Up a Little Earlier

Waking up earlier is good. Get on your things and head out.

Step 7: Looking Is Important

Binoculars are a must when hunting. Look around for the animal you are looking for.

Step 8: Stalking

If you see the animal you are hunting for make sure you are downwind. You can crouch down and walk slow to get where you are wanting to shoot. Then when you are close start to army crawl.

Step 9: Shooting

When you are where you want to shoot pick out which one you want to shoot. Click the safety off when ready to shoot then aim. Make sure it is broadside. Aim just behind the shoulder. Aim and squeeze the trigger at the same time. It will fire. Make sure you hit the animal and always jack another shell in. If it is wounded try to make it stop and shoot again.

Step 10: Find the Animal and Gut It

Find your animal and make sure to gut it out. Thanks and that is my short instructable about how to hunt. Sorry I'm not going into detail. Thanks. Also remember to tag your animal upon the kill.