Introduction: How to Lie & Detect a Lie !?

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Learn How To Lie & Detect a Lie In 3 Easy Steps !

Step 1 -Eye movement
Step 2 -Voice Levels
Step 3 -Body Language

This manipulation instructable comes complete with a video witch i recommend you should watch as to understand better in a short documentary like presentation !

Enjoy !

Step 1: Eye Movement !

Well here you will learn the first and most important part of professional lying !

Eye Movement is what exposes 40% of liars and if you are smart and know how to recognize this you have a huge advantage over them.

Ok, let's begin :
1 When a person is Lying his eyes will role left , When a person is telling the truth his eyes usually role right ! Why ? When somebody is lying or telling the truth 2 different things happen in the brain !

A lie creates a left eye role because usually that's what happens when a person is accessing his front brain creative lobe the blue part of the brain shown in the image ! And When a person is telling the truth he's brain is accessing the back memory lobe (the red part) creating a right eye role !

These are natural reflexes of the human body and very few people know how to master them !
But trough practice you may learn how to control these movements and become a professional liar !

Step 2: Voice Levels !

If somebody's speech starts of slow and long and suddenly takes complete shape and makes total sense then that person is lying ! this is portrayed best in my video, but i will explain it here also !

1 Voice Volume , when i use CAPS LOCK then imagine the volume and speed of the voice is 30% higher : ( i wanted to tell him BUT HE JUST DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME ! )
the lower voice is because in that time he is thinking about the lie and how to shape it and when the CAPS go up then the lie is fluent and complete in his head ready to tell it 2 you !

"In case of a lie , the voice is less fluent at the beginning of a line "

Step 3: Body Language !

This may sound funny but most of liars cover there face in one way or the other without even noticing , this is done by the brain since it knows it's not telling the truth and some how attempting to stop the person from doing it !

-More than 60% of liars touch there faces while lying !
The most common thing is the scratching of the chin or nose with the small finger you may notice politicians do it all the time !

View a few pictures of the most common gestures of a liar :

Step 4: In the End !

A good lie always starts out with at least 20% of truth in it and ends in 20% of truth in it , that way the lie can be later cover`d even if the subject is suspicious ! EXAMPLE :

Dude i got a fast car , it can go 300/kmph , i got a turbo engine !
- the part "it can go 300/kmph" is a lie if the person later asks dude show me u can go that fast u can twist and say " no dude i told you i got a fast car and that i got a turbo engine and it might go as fast as 300 ! that way the person will simply think he misunderstood !

There are lots of ways to lie and to detect a lie ! I recommend not 2 since it's non`ethical and not nice but just in case you do need 2 lie , now you can do it the right way !

I recommend you watch my video for better understanding of all of this !
Thank you for your time !
Happy Lying !