Introduction: How To: MANDALA DOT ART ON CANVAS (for Beginner)

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Honestly it is very easy to do,you just have to be careful about the placements where you want what to go. This dot art is done on a canvas. The technique for this dot art is very simple and I haven't used any tools, I just went for things like pencils, paint brushes and later I found a crochet needle lying in my cupboard so ended up using experimenting and using them. This is a very easy to do Mandala dot art,even if you're not good at drawing you can easily do this.

I have used fevicryl acrylic color and i just used orange yellow and mixed i did mix up these color to make different shades. Finally I also used a pink nail paint to make this mandala art.

Step 1: Draw Guidelines

Mark center point and draw the lines like so just for guidance

Step 2: Grab Your Tools

If you have tools that's great but if you don't, just grab things like this to make dots

Step 3: Start Dotting

Honestly all you have to do is make dots, You can watch the video for reference.

If you mess it just clean it quickly with water or layer it with the base color. Like, for me the base is black so when i mess up i can easily paint over it and start dotting again

Step 4: Last Step

Lastly just erase the pencil marks(if any) and clean it up a bit you can also frame this, it would look absolutely amazing as home decor.

This is the finished look, I hope this was easy for you.
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