How to Maintain Your Leather Work Boots




Introduction: How to Maintain Your Leather Work Boots

these steps will keep your boots in tip top shape for years to come if you choose a good boot company such as wesco , whites, drews, nicks, hoffmans ,Chippewa and redwing :) enjoy !

Step 1: Remove Laces

take laces out to clean gussets and toung of boot

Step 2: Wash Boots Under Water

wash your boots under the sink to remove excess dirt or mud (wash well) but do not soak them . be very carefull to not get inside of boots wet

Step 3: Wipe and Dry Boots With Rag or Towel

dry the rinsed leather very well with towel or rag

Step 4: Condition or Oil the Boots

by a designated leather conditioner . Such as redwing nature seal , mink oil , or the vey best obenaugfs leather conditioner . vegetable oil can also substitute these products but will not water proof nearly as well rub the oil in all Parts of the leather on your boots . seams , gussets and stitches. If your boots have stacked leather heels or soles be sure to get them to ! .

Step 5: Replace Laces in Boots an Your Set !

be sure to do these steps to your boots regularly to keep the leather from cracking or drying out an this will make your boots last MUCH longer than if you weren't to do this

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    8 years ago

    your very welcome sir :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the advice. I just purchased my first pair of Chippewa boots about a month ago. I will be sure to take your this information wisely.......