Introduction: How to Make a Dark Sensor

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Hey guys ,
In this project I am going to show you how to make a dark sensor using a single transistor and some few resistors in just 3 simple steps .
here is my video this is my old dark sensor


Step 1: Things You Need

1) 1x BC547 transistor 
2) 1x 220 k resistor
3) 1x 330 ohms resistor
4) 1- small perf board
5) 1x led (any colour )
6) wires
7) 9v battery 
8) battery clip
9)ldr(light dependent resistor )
1) soldering rod and wire 
2) wire stripper 

Step 2: Getting Started

solder the transistor on the perf board and solder one wire of the ldr to the emitter and other to the base  , solder the negative wire of the led to the base of the transistor with a 330 ohms resistor and also solder 220k resistor with the one side of the 330 ohms resistor

Step 3: Finishing Touches

I have also used a SPDT switch it is optional I have used to pin headers as the connectors for the power .